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De’Cure Dental Care

De'Cure dental care the onus is on patient satisfaction and patient benefit before all other, here we attempt to help people with their dental problems and not merely treat the effected tooth. Often many a good dentist get so involved in treating a single tooth that he forgets the person attached to the tooth. Here at De'Cure dental care never does this happen, for each person is viewed in toto and not just as an offending tooth problem. The fact that De'Cure dental care has done well in the short span of three years that it has been around can be attributed to the level of commitment to the profession and genuine concern that our patients have felt towards them. Over time we have realized that dentistry is not a 9 to 5 job as widely perceived but a job that requires 24 X 7 dedication, such that there’s always a friendly person to guide you through and help you out on the phone even after closing hours of the clinic.


56, Lower Ground Floor, Krishna Market, Kalkaji, New Delhi

+91-9811567158, 9811910980