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SIPS Super Speciality Hospital, Lucknow

SIPS is an endeavour to provide state of the art Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery facilities in world-class facilities in India. India is fast becoming a hub of Medical tourism and is getting patients from all over the world. Our focus area of operations is Plastic and Cosmetic surgery, This has helped us to focus on just one field of medical services and give best possible results. Sushrut Institute of Plastic Surgery, Burns & Trauma (SIPS) has been named after the propounder of Plastic Surgery who inspires us towards perfection & achieving new milestones. SIPS is an institute designed on the most modern concepts of comprehensive Trauma & Burn management to provide tertiary level care under one roof. SIPS is located in the heart of the city, with easy reach and transport.Campus of SIPS is having plenty of open spaces and soothing ambience.


29-, Shahmeena Road (Road from Buddha Park to Medical College), Lucknow