Breast cancer is not a killer, what are some things to keep in mind

Breast cancer is not a killer, what are some things to keep in mind

In this period of modernity, due to the lack of awareness, women are proving to be mortal for them by concealing breast cancer. Beast cancer is not a killer, what are some things to keep in mind.

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How do you get breast cancer?
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Breast cancer is a life-threatening disease but rumors and misinterpretations about this have spread too much. Due to shame and shame, women are hiding this disease, which becomes fatal for them.

Sixty per cent of the victims of breast cancer, reaching out to the doctor to check for the last stage of cancer, which can not be treated. The pain of cancer is only in the last stage, so any changes or lumps in the body can be proven to be fatal.

There are no lumps or gland in the breast. Any type of swelling or gulditis occurring in the breast, most women understand cancer and become mentally stressed. Surely every glandet must be checked. Guilt can be removed through formalization.

There is no guarantee of cancer can be avoided, but being aware of this can reduce the risk of this.

If this is detected in the starting stage and the correct treatment is started then it can be completely cured. Breast cancer is a disease that can be cured.

Women have to be conscious of taking breast cancer themselves. Most women remain hidden in the breast due to laziness. Do not even tell your husband. Not only illiterate women also hide it. It is very important to know the early stages of breast cancer, only then the patient’s life can be saved.

In the last 15 years, there has been a rapid increase in breast cancer in the world. Urban women are getting more in the grip of this. In urban women, there is more marriage, late babies, fewer children, no breastfeeding, obesity, junk food, alcohol and tobacco, low consumption of fruits, hormonal treatment, high social status etc.

Doctors have advised that every 15 months after the period of their period should be examined to verify their barrage, if there is any change in it, lump or pain anywhere, or if there is any doubt, then it is important to seek advice from the doctor immediately. Women also need special attention on Barrage Hygiene.