About Leukemia Cancer & their Symptoms

Leukemia is a dangerous cancer. Leukemia is a cancer in the blood that can occur in many different cell types of blood cells. Although red blood cells and white blood cells are found in the body, but in addition platelets are also present which play a big role in maintaining blood cells.

According to doctors, leukemia affects white blood cells in particular. This is the reason why white blood cells of a person prone to leukemia cancer become the target of this cancer and if the person is not treated at the right time, he dies.

Leukemia cancer affects white blood cells only. White blood cells are a large part of the immune system of the entire body. Immune systems protect us from many types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and infections. At the same time, white blood cells of the human body do not function properly and their immune system also becomes weak after being exposed to leukemia. Then it starts behaving like normal cells, due to which many other types of diseases make the human victim very easy.

Leukemia mostly occurs in people who have a family history. Along with this, smoking also increases the risk of leukemia. Talking about other risk factors, the risk of leukemia cancer even after exposure to a chemical such as genetic disorder, blood disorder, chemotherapy or radiation (which occurred during the treatment of a cancer), radiation of a high level and benzene. Increases.

Symptoms of leukemia cancer
Excessive sweating, especially at night
Fatigue and weakness that does not go away even after resting
Lose weight like this
Bone pain and weakness
Painless swelling (especially in the neck and armpits)
Liver and spleen enlargement
Red spots on the skin
Fever or chills
Recurrent infection

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