World Liver Day – 19th Year

The liver is the main organ of our body. The liver creates many types of juice in the digestive tract, as well as de-toxification. Whatever we eat, including medicines, everything goes through our liver. World Liver Day is celebrated on April 19 every year. The purpose of which is to spread awareness on different types of problems related to liver among people. According to WHO, lever diseases are tenth in common causes of deaths in India.

Liver problems are most likely to be caused due to the habits that are called inaccurate for health. Such as excess consumption of alcohol, smoking, more salt intake etc. Diseases like hepatitis A, B, C also have a bad effect on the liver. Apart from this, lifestyle also produces levers related diseases to a great extent.

Obesity or obesity can also cause problems for the liver. However, it is a good thing that it has special power in the liver that it can repair and regenerate itself over time. The common diseases associated with the liver from our lifestyle are Hepatitis A, B and C, fatty liver, cirrhosis, cancer etc.