Nutrition in A Pill

Nutrition in A Pill

Can a tablet or powder give you more nutrition than good food and regular exercise?

No kind of dietary supplement has ever directly aided in fat reduction; in fact, quite the opposite is true. The over-whelming number of independent clinical trails conducted on so-called ‘fat burners’ report one common result: they hardly work. As per a report by Mayo, prescription weight-loss pills do not work for everyone, and their benefits may be modest.

Research by shows that the reason most people perceive fat burners to work is that they typically start a diet and exercise programme at the same time they start popping fat burner pills. It’s the diet and exercise – not the fat burner – that results in fat loss.

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  • Select supplements with only the ingredients that you need. If you need vitamin D, select a supplement that only contains vitamin D
  • Avoid supplements with more than one herbal ingredient. It is very difficult to determine the effect that multiple herbs will have on your health.
  • If you take prescription medications or havehealth conditions, ask your physician if the supplement you are considering is safe for you.
  • Purchase supplements in retail stores rather than over the internet
  • If you experience a side effect from a supplement, stop using it and inform your physician immediately