Pressure can increase blood pressure

If someone works in a place where fixed deadlines, more work and less support, then the probability of high blood pressure like illness increases. It is well known that excessive pressure of work leads to health impairment. This can lead to heart attack, depression, and now it is known that its effect also affects blood pressure.

It is notable that due to high blood pressure, the chances of heart attack are greatly increased.

However, experts say that there may be many other reasons for high blood pressure such as drinking alcohol, obesity, excessive salt intake and exercise.

A research have said that besides the pressure of work these facts also increase the chances of high blood pressure. They say that pressure of work is a major problem that badly affects the nervous system and heart related cells of a person.

In research has clearly shown that problems in such people are increasing where they do not get support in the offices.

Who is associated with the mental pressure program, says that now the physical aspect of the pressure has also started to appear. Many people work under too much pressure.

Be careful in the jobs in the offices, because experts believe that people with high pressure on work are more likely to have high blood pressure.