Dr. Shiuli Mukherjee

IVF Clinician & Reproductive Endocrinologist


Dr. Shiuli Mukherjee, board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and surgery by the National Board of Indian society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She received her medical degree from Calcutta University and completed her residency at NRS Medical College. She fulfilled her post graduation in Gyaenecological medicine and surgery (MD & MS) from SSKM / PG hospital, IPGMER Kolkata. She completed her Fellowship in IVF and Reproductive endocrinology (FNB) under National Board of India, from Institute or Reproductive Medicine with special training from Denever, USA on 3D Ultrasound and cryopreservation. She is senior IVF consultant at GENOME Fertility Clinic, Kolkata. Her interest in popularizing Mild stimulation IVF especially in low socioeconomic group has led her to be involved in much research work published in Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences. Apart from that she writes regular articles in different daily Bengali weeklies like Sarir O Sasthya, Susasthya etc. Her focus or research lies on recurrent pregnancy loss, poor ovarian reserve and surrogacy.

Services offered by Dr. Shiuli Mukherjee -
We provides wide range of services within the field of Endocrinologist like Infertility tests for female and male, Fertility surgery, Ovulation induction, Intra Uterine Insemination, IVF treatment, ICSI treatment, Laser hatching, Genetic testing PGD, Donor program, Surrogacy, Fertility preservation, Current IVF Research, Mobile IVF surrogacy.

Kolkata Clinic

Shakespeare Sarani, Near Park Circus 7 Point, Kolkata, Kolkata - 700017


  • Current IVF Research
  • Donor program
  • Fertility preservation
  • Fertility surgery
  • Genetic testing PGD
  • ICSI treatment
  • IVF treatment
  • Intra Uterine Insemination
  • Laser hatching
  • Mobile IVF surrogacy
  • Ovulation induction
  • Surrogacy
  • Infertility tests for female and male
  • and many more...