Smile teeth will shine better, 7 effective ways to whiten teeth

Smile teeth will shine better, 7 effective ways to whiten teeth

Teeth Whitening Tips: It is said that the first impression is not the last impression. In such a situation, your smile is very important. How comfortable you are when meeting people and how well you are able to leave the effect of your smile, it also affects your image. But if you do not get a smile when you meet people, then there is a problem… somewhere it is not because of your yellow teeth. Yellow teeth cause embarrassment everywhere.

While smiling or speaking, the sight of the front goes first towards the teeth. These yellow teeth make the face look beautiful. Let us tell you that there are many reasons for yellowing of teeth, such as smoking, useless oral hygiene, genetic or your diet. There are many reasons that your teeth whitening gradually reduces. You do not have to be ashamed of this yellowness, so follow the tips given below.

1. Clean your teeth with salt and oil once a week. Put two drops of mustard oil in half a teaspoon and massage the teeth lightly. This will gradually eliminate yellowing.

2. Put a pinch of baking soda with colgate on the brush once or twice a week. In this way, the yellow layer of teeth will be cleaned.

3. After eating, rub the teeth with lemon peel. You can also do this method two to three times a week. Keep in mind that rub the peel on the teeth not in between the jaws, this will make the teeth sour and you will have trouble eating.

4. Neem has always been used to clean teeth. Due to its anti-bacterial property, it also keeps teeth away from all diseases. To remove yellowness, clean the teeth with neem teeth.

5. If you do not want to rub lemon on the teeth, then you can rinse it with juice. For this, add the same amount of water to one teaspoon lemon juice. Rinse this food daily after eating food. After this, after the yellowing of the teeth goes away, the smell of breath will also go away.

6. Yellowing of teeth can also be reduced by rinse with apple cider vinegar. Add equal quantity of this vinegar and water and rinse.

7. Orange powder can also brighten teeth. After brushing, massage the teeth with light hands.

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Special things

  • Many causes of yellowing of teeth
  • Smoke causes yellowish teeth
  • Useless oral hygiene is also a reason

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