Water is also important in winter

Water is also important in winter

As soon as the winter begins, the consumption of food increases, but the consumption of water decreases considerably. Trishala often falls ill in winter. He has to deal with constipation, gas and other similar problems. He is surprised that there is no problem that is particularly cold or winter-dominated. Then why is all this happening to him?

Water is considered and called life. The body structure contains 55 to 75 percent water. The less fatty the body, the higher the capacity for water holding in the muscles. That is why water is found more in the body of thin people than in obese people.

How much water to drink
The body’s system is so fast that whenever the body needs water, it tells through thirst. Yet many people forget to drink water in their busy schedules. Some don’t find the water delicious. How much water to take depends on our physical structure, work practices and environment.

What is Water’s Options
“Tea, coffee and similar fluids provide some water to the body, but they can’t compensate for water”.

Low calorie fluid keeps the body better fit.’ University of Maryland Medical Centre has found in research that tea after water is the most loved drink in the world but it is not a water substitute.

An Important Role in Beauty Enhancement
Water is fatigue and stressful. As well as keeping it fresh, he plays a very important role in the glow of the skin. Water is natural nutrient and natural cleanser. It makes lifeless skin lifeless, while also relieving wrinkles. Water is the main element for skin cells. Like the role of moisturizer in the outer moisture of the skin, it provides inner moisture and nutrition.

Lack of pure water is also many pathogens, so clean water should be consumed. It is not right to think that water germs will die due to heat of heat in food construction. Food construction should also be done with clean water.

Water scarcity dangerous for health
People drink less water due to low thirst on winter days. Lack of water in the body is dangerous for health. Include at least 2-3 litres of water or fluids like lime water, coconut water, green tea, lassi etc. in your daily diet.

Water plays an important role in keeping the body healthy and skin spiky. When, how much and what kind of water to drink.

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