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St. Thomas Hospital, Chennai

St. Thomas Hospital was started as a dispensary in 1972 by the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of St.Joseph (FSJ) , an order of Roman Catholic Sisters, founded in 1883, dedicated to the uplift of women in society, especialy the downtrodden, marginalized and oppressed. It was established as a hospital a year later and has since grown, nurtured with the dedication and hard work of sisters who work in different professional roles and skillful Doctors with a mind to serve the poor and the prayers and support of the entire congregation of more than 500 FSJ sisters living in small communities all around the nation braving hardships and taking their undying message of love and service to the farthest corners possible. St. Thomas Hospital now stands as a shining example of what extraordinary results a group of ordinar women can achieve under Divine inspiration with faith, love, dedication and hard work.


St. Thomas Mount, Chennai